A Prayer for Veterans Day

For those planning services on Veterans Day we offer a prayer for veterans, drafted by National Museum of American Jewish Military Chaplain Michael Bloom:museum-veterans-day-2016

Give thanks to the Eternal, for God is good, His mercy endures forever.
Avinu Shebashamayim – O Sovereign of the universe, bless our nation, The United States of America.
Safeguard it and its ideals of freedom and liberty.
Bless our Veterans, our Defenders of Liberty , who braved danger to defend us from tyranny.
Grant healing and recovery to those who have been wounded physically or emotionally.
Keep their spirits high and make them resilient in the aftermath of danger and loss.
Grant our Veterans opportunities to attest to the sincerity of their gratitude, as we today attest to our gratitude to them and to our reliance on You.
May they find spiritual joy in love of home and family, and in faithfulness to your Torah.
We pray for individual and collective peace and tranquility.
None who puts faith in You need ever feel friendless or forsaken.
Baruch Atah Hashem, Gomel Chassadim Tovim.
And Let us all say, Amen.