Hidden Treasures: Selections from Our Permanent Collection

hiddenTreasures01Since its inception, the Museum has collected a wealth of mementos, photographs, and archival materials pertaining to Jewish service in the American armed forces. But as with most other museums, we are only able to present a small portion – rougthly 2 to 5% – of this material at a time. In the collections of the NMAJMH there are many fascinating, touching, and amusing items that the public rarely has a chance to see. In a continuing effort to display the wonderful materials contained in the Museum’s collection we bring you Hidden Treasures: Selections from Our Permanent Collection, an exhibition created to highlight all of the interesting items that have been donated to the Museum over the years. Material in this exhibit will change regularly so that we may display as much of our collection as possible.

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The exhibition currently features items donated by:

Larry Babbitts
Jeffery Barger
Julian Barnett
Carol Berman
Ray Coleman
Sam Cosman
Carol Daren
Irving Edelman
Matthew Eysman
Nathan Friedman
Jack Glick
Gertie Golinbursky
Grace Goodman
George Heart
Karl Heiman
Harry Heyman
Marvin Kauffman
Abraham Kaufman
Mary Kogan
Milton Koster
Ida Langman
Lawrence Levine Family
Yetta Levy
Stanley Marcus
Bernard Margolis
Jacob Mitchneck
Alfred Nathan
Jack Notovitz
Burton “Bud” Reisman
Jay Riseman
Howard Rosen
Rose Rosen
Edward Rosenblum
Martin Scheff
Florence Scheinman
Joseph Scherry
Cecile Schweig
Elsie Shemin-Roth
Benjamin Singer
Herbert Solomon
Harry Spiegel
Rita Stern
Herbert Stone
Doris Warsofsky
Benjamin Wenglin
Barbara Kron Zimmerman