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William Sawelson

American Jewish Recipients of the Medal of Honor

Rank: SergeantSawelson

Service: U.S. Army

Unit: Company M, 312th Infantry, 78th Division

Birthdate: August 5, 1895

Place of Birth: Newark, New Jersey

Date of Death: October 26, 1918

Battle or Place of Action: at Grand-Pre, France

Date of Action: October 26, 1918


Hearing a wounded man in a shell hole some distance away calling for water, Sgt. Sawelson, upon his own initiative, left shelter and crawled through heavy machinegun fire to where the man lay, giving him what water he had in his canteen. He then went back to his own shell hole, obtained more water, and was returning to the wounded man when he was killed by a machinegun bullet.

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