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Honorial Wall

Honorial Wall Program Commemorates Museum Supporters


The National Museum permanently recognizes contributors to its Honorial Wall Program by listing their names on the Honorial Wall located in the lobby of the Museum, just outside the exhibition entrance. Each donation receives one line of up to sixty 1″ characters on the Wall. The minimum donation of $1,000 goes to directly support the programs of the National Museum of American Jewish Military History. When the Museum is in receipt of $1,000 you will be notified by letter that your name is to be included and when it will appear on the Wall (usually 2 weeks following receipt of the donation). You will also receive a certificate and your name will be included in the next issue of The Jewish Veteran. All donations toward the Honorial Wall are tax deductible.

Please call the Administrator at (202) 265-6280 with any questions or to participate in this rewarding program to support the National Museum.

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