Room Sponsorship Opportunities

The following is a partial listing of rooms in the National Museum of American Jewish Military History which are available in exchange for a specific donation to the Museum. Donations will be recognized by naming the space after the donor or donor organization with permanent signage.

Donation Location: Education Study Center (SB)
Collections Area 75,000.00
Lunchroom/Lounge 75,000.00
Mail Room 40,000.00
Communications Offices 35,000.00
Communications Office door 7,500.00
Office Door 5,000.00
Glass Panels 25,000.00 (EACH)
Glass Panel inscriptions per line 1,000.00
Donation Location: Exhibition/Chapel/Archives Floor (B)
Exhibit Floor 250,000.00
Exhibit Hall A 100,000.00
Exhibit Hall B 100,000.00
Exhibit Hall C 100,000.00
Hall of Heroes Exhibit Hall 100,000
Archivist Office 35,000.00
Archivist Office Door 7,500.00
Glass Panels 25,000.00 (EACH)
Glass Panel inscriptions per line 1,000.00
NMAJMH Preservation Book 2,500.00
Donation Location: Lobby (L)
Main Exhibit Hall 2,000,000.00
Lobby 250,000
Parking Lot 25,000.00
Entry Alcove 35,000.00
Honorial Wall – Each dedicated panel 50,000.00
Donation Location: Second Floor (4)
National Executive Director’s desk 10,000.00
National Commander’s Conference Room 100,000.00
National Commander’s Conference table 20,000.00
National Commander’s Conference chair 2,500.00
Operations Director’s Office 50,000.00
Operations Director’s desk 10,000.00
Membership Department Office 50,000.00
Accounting Department Office 50,000.00
Executive Assistant to the National Executive Director Desk 15,000.00
Desks (7) 7,500.00
JWV Office doors (4) 10,000.00
JWV Office windows (12) 10,000.00
Donation Location: Third Floor (5)
NMAJMH Office 100,000.00
NMAJMH Office doors (5) 10,000.00
NMAJMH Office windows (6) 10,000.00
NMAJMH Administrator desk 7,500.00
Programs Department Office 50,000.00
Each Program Department desk (3) 5,000.00
Reception Area 20,000.00
National Ladies’ Auxiliary 45,000.00
NMAJMH President’s desk 10,000.00
Each NMAJMH Department desk 5,000.00
NMAJMH Conference area 2,500.00

For more information on this fundraising program to benefit the National Museum, please contact Greg Byrne at (202) 265-6280 x408.

Sponsored Rooms

Education Study Center (SB)
LT James I. Platt Post 651 Office
Paul D. Savanuck Memorial Post 888 Library
Kelkey Blatt Post 575 Meeting/Seminar Room
Abe Kraditor Post 2 Meeting/Seminar Room
Chapel/Archival Floor (B)
Captain Joshua Goldberg Chapel
Major General Julius Klein Archives
Alvin A. Hyman Yahrzeit Display
Fegelson-Young-Feinberg Post 697 Yahrzeit Cabinet

  • Jeannette Jacobson
  • LCpl Joel Bernstein Post 791
  • Siegfried J. Pinchut
Lobby (L)
Steven Cohen and Family Reception Desk
Ship’s Store sponsored by Lieutenant Joseph I. Goldstein
Second Floor (4)
Stanley Wides National Commander & National Executive Director Office
Seena Blum National Commander’s desk
Sam and Israel Winik Desk
Third Floor (5)
Oscar J. Tolmas Charitable Trust Museum Conference Table