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Jewish War Veterans’ 1933 Protest March Against Nazi Germany


As the Nazi Party grew in numbers and strength following Adolf Hitler’s appointment as Germany’s Chancellor, the world weighed how – or if – to respond to Nazi oppression of Jews. While other American Jewish organizations debated, the Jewish War Veterans called for a boycott of German goods.

On 23 March 1933, to kick off this boycott, the JWV led a massive parade through the streets of Manhattan to City Hall, where Commander-in-Chief J. George Fredman presented Mayor O’Brien with a resolution calling for the severance of diplomatic relations with Germany. Many other groups followed the JWV’s initiative, leading to an international boycott movement. The JWV is proud to have stood up while others hemmed and hawed on the sidelines, bringing international attention to the threat of Hitler and Nazi Germany and forcing other organizations into action.

It is estimated that nearly a million people participated-either as marchers or spectators-in the boycott parade under JWV auspices. The parade began on St. Mark’s Place in Manhattan and marched down Lafayette Street to City Hall.

Mayor John P. O’Brien receiving the resolution asking severance of diplomatic relations with Germany from J. George Fredman, Commander-in-Chief of the Jewish War Veterans.

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