Past Events

Captain Jerry Yellin addresses growing up with antisemitism, the war in the Pacific as a fighter pilot, losing a wingman on a mission after the war had already ended and finally overcoming PTSD and his hatred of the Japanese after decades.

Frank Lavin spoke on April 2nd, 2017 about his book Home Front to Battlefront describing the World War II experiences of Carl Lavin.

Douglas Stark discusses the history of Jews in basketball and how World War II changed the sport. Stark is author of Wartime Baskeball: The Emergence of a National Sport during World War II and The SPHAS: The Life and Times of Basketball’s Greatest Jewish Team. September 18, 2016.

USAF Col. (ret) Martin Victor, M.D., author of Doctor in Blue, shares some of his experiences of being Jewish and doing good through a thirty-year career as active-duty Air Force Physician and Hospital Commander.

Dr. Elaine H. Berkowitz discussed her book Live Life… Love Country and her experiences in the Army as a dentist around the world. Dr. Berkowitz describes her life and work as a Jewish female soldier in Iraq, Kosovo, Pittsburgh and elsewhere.

Marc Leepson, author of Saving Monticello, discusses U.S. Navy Commodore Uriah P. Levy and the Levy family’s remarkable role in saving the home of Thomas Jefferson.

Mark Zaid, editor of The G.I.s Rabbi, presents the story of his grandfather Rabbi David Max Eichhorn. Eichhorn was the Jewish chaplain who conducted the first religious services at Dachau after the liberation of the concentration camp.

Our 2015 Hanukkah party featuring a talk from Chaplain Michael Bloom.